Qurtoo AI Services

Process Automation

One of the key benefits of using the Qurtoo platform is the ability to automate and streamline various processes within your cannabis company. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Qurtoo can help you optimize and automate tasks such as data analysis, decision-making, and even customer service. This not only saves time and resources, but it also helps you make more accurate and efficient decisions, allowing you to focus on growing your business and serving your customers. With Qurtoo, you can streamline your operations and improve your bottom line, all while providing better service to your customers.

Machine Learning

As a cannabis company, you have access to vast amounts of data that can help you make better decisions and optimize your operations. However, sifting through and interpreting this data can be a daunting task, which is where Qurtoo comes in. Our platform leverages the power of machine learning to analyze and interpret your data in real-time, providing valuable insights and solutions that can help drive your business’s success. By using Qurtoo, you can gain a competitive edge and make data-driven decisions that help you grow and succeed in the cannabis industry.


One of the major advantages of using the Qurtoo platform is the ability to leverage top-of-the-line cloud computing technology. By storing your data in the cloud and accessing it through Qurtoo, you can ensure that your data is always secure, scalable, and accessible from anywhere. This not only helps you save on hardware and maintenance costs, but it also allows you to access your data and insights in real-time, giving you the ability to make faster and more informed decisions. With Qurtoo’s cloud computing capabilities, you can take your cannabis company to new heights of success and efficiency.

R & D

At Qurtoo, we are committed to helping cannabis companies succeed through innovative research and development. Our team of experts is constantly working to improve our platform and find new ways to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex data problems in the cannabis industry. By partnering with Qurtoo, your company can access the latest research and development in the field, giving you a competitive edge and helping you stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow and thrive, and we are always working to develop new solutions and technologies that can help you succeed.


Improve stability and the possibilities of your cannabis tech stack. Everything from POS operations to lighting and HVAC, optimized. 


Confidence in Tech Investments


Reduce Costs for Operation


Enable Systems to Communicate


Know how much to charge for each product, based on region, product type, quality, and effects. Find the right balance for your customers and investors.


Solve Pricing Problems


Train Staff Properly


Build Customer Trust


Data Aggregation

One of the key capabilities of the Qurtoo platform is the ability to aggregate data from multiple sources and analyze it in real-time. This allows businesses in the cannabis industry to gain a comprehensive view of their data and make more informed, data-driven decisions. By using Qurtoo to aggregate data from various sources, such as sales and customer data, production data, market trends, and social media analytics, businesses can gain valuable insights into their operations and performance. This can help them optimize their operations, forecast demand, and identify new opportunities for growth. Additionally, Qurtoo’s advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques allow it to identify patterns and trends in the data that may not be immediately apparent to human analysts, providing an extra layer of insights and helping businesses make more informed decisions.


Aggregate Data Proactively


Make Decisions Easily

Payment Processing

Point of Sale Data

One way that the Qurtoo platform can simplify point-of-sale (POS) data is by aggregating it from multiple sources and analyzing it in real-time. This allows businesses to gain a comprehensive view of their sales data and make more informed, data-driven decisions. Qurtoo’s advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques can help identify patterns and trends in the data, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, sales trends, and other important factors that can impact business performance.

In addition to aggregating and analyzing POS data, Qurtoo can also help automate certain tasks related to sales data management. For example, it can help businesses generate reports, track inventory, and optimize pricing based on real-time data. By automating these tasks, Qurtoo can help businesses save time and resources, and focus on more high-value activities that drive growth and success. Overall, Qurtoo’s capabilities can help simplify the process of managing and interpreting POS data, allowing businesses in the cannabis industry to make more informed, data-driven decisions and drive their success.


Automatically Optimize the Sales Process


Create Smart Solutions for Customers and Staff

Kief Studio’s master certified cannabis marketing team has extensive experience in the cannabis industry, and is well-versed in the latest marketing techniques and strategies. By pairing this expertise with Qurtoo’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, cannabis businesses can benefit from a powerful combination of marketing savvy and data-driven insights.

With Qurtoo’s AI technology, businesses can analyze and interpret large amounts of data in real-time, providing valuable insights and solutions that can help drive growth and success. By combining this data-driven approach with the marketing expertise of Kief Studio’s master certified team, businesses can expand their capabilities and achieve new levels of success in the cannabis industry.


  • Optimizing marketing efforts and targeting the right customers at the right times
  • Analyzing customer behavior and preferences to inform product development and sales strategies
  • Predictive analysis to forecast demand and optimize production
  • Identifying market trends and opportunities for growth
  • Improving customer service and support through process automation and personalized recommendations.


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